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iCandy Kombikinderwagen Lime (6 Farben)

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  • IC2023
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Features and benefits for iCandy Lime Suitable from birth to 25kg Travel system with car... mehr
Produktinformationen "iCandy Kombikinderwagen Lime (6 Farben)"

Features and benefits for iCandy Lime

  • Suitable from birth to 25kg
  • Travel system with car seat adaptors included
  • Elevator adaptors raise the height of the seat unit, carrycot and attached car seat
  • Large carrycot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping
  • New TotalFold system - folds seamlessly and easily with seat unit and bumper bar attached
  • Integrated ride-on board to accommodate an older sibling
  • Parent and world-facing seat unit with 5 position recline
  • Spacious basket holds up to 10kg
  • Puncture-proof ERP tyres
  • Leatherette handle and bumper bar
  • One-touch safety harness
  • Removable front and rear wheels
  • All-round suspension for the smoothest ride
  • Multi-function canopy with vented mesh panel and extendable peak

iCandy pushchairs are meticulously designed and painstakingly tested to ensure that every single component is engineered to perfection. Our new Lime is the latest example of this – every single one of the 381 individual components has been carefully considered and designed to ensure the utmost in functionality and quality. We’ve taken our knowledge and expertise and condensed it into this all-new, multi-function, compact-fold travel system that takes your baby from birth to 25kgs and has the added benefit of an integrated ride-on board.


Unique TotalFold system enables pushchair to be folded with the seat unit and bumper bar still attached. Quick, easy, and hassle-free with our convenient carry-strap.


Ideal for older siblings, the built-in ride-on-board means the Lime can accommodate a second passenger without the need for any additional attachments which get in the way of your feet.

FUNCTIONALITY FIRST Functionality comes first with Lime. Large capacity basket, one-touch safety harness, handy storage pocket and easily adjustable leatherette handle make Lime easy to live with.


Quality materials are what define the Lime experience. Strong but lightweight aluminium frame, puncture proof ERP tyres and high-quality tailored fabrics.


Lime comes with everything you need to take you from birth to 25kgs – chassis, carrycot, seat unit, car seat adaptors, elevator adaptors and rain covers.

SAFE SLEEPING Spacious, fleece-lined carrycot which is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping. The safest way to transport your newborn that doubles as a travel cot.


Unique to iCandy, raising the height of the carrycot and seat means less bending for parents and better interaction, meaning your newborn’s development is improved. They also turn the seat unit into a high chair in world-facing mode.

What's in the box

  • Chassis with Integrated Ride-On Board
  • Carrycot / Seat Unit shared Frame
  • Carrycot / Seat Unit shared Canopy
  • Carrycot / Seat Unit shared Bumper Bar
  • Carrycot Fabric
  • Seat Unit Fabric
  • Basket
  • Carrycot Mattress
  • Carrycot Apron
  • Shared Carrycot & Seat Unit Rain Cover
  • Rain Cover
  • Car Seat Adaptors
  • Elevator Adaptors
"iCandy Kombikinderwagen Lime (6 Farben)"
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